Openmontessori was born in January 2012. The seed had been planted in September 2009, after I began my Montessori training with Paula Glasgow at Montessori Teacher’s College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I completed my B.Ed. in the early 90′s after four years of university and loved working as a teacher, but always felt a need for more training in the area of childhood learning and development. After my two daughters started attending the Muskoka Montessori School in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, I fell in love with the Montessori concept and its “follow the child” philosophy.

My dream of starting Montessori Casa and Toddler classes in a low-income community, where children are able to attend at no cost to their families, was fulfilled in January 2012. We now have both Toddler and Casa classes available for families in the Sabrina Park apartment complex. The Montessori classes would not have been possible without the financial contribution of the District of Muskoka, the countless volunteers from the Muskoka Montessori School and the Huntsville community and support from Boardwalk Montessori and Montessori Teacher’s College.

The concept behind Openmontessori is that all children deserve to experience spontaneous learning and to develop their innate potential to the fullest degree. Thus, the program provides freedom for the child to unfold into his/her true personality and to develop normally through the following ideology:

•    freedom of speech
•    freedom of movement
•    freedom to concentrate
•    freedom of choice according to child’s inner needs
•    freedom for exploration
•    freedom to socialize
•    freedom from danger

The following elements within the classroom assist the young child (0-6 years) to develop into his/her true self:

•    respect of child
•    a Prepared Environment
•    materials containing control of error
•    child learns with the hand “The hand is the instrument of the mind.” Maria Montessori
•    child learns with the senses “The senses, being explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge.” Maria Montessori
•    freedom of choice with materials for each child according to his/her inner needs
•    freedom for child to repeat activities according to his/her inner needs
•    observation of the child and follow his/her inner needs


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