Monthly Archives: June 2013


Dear Families,

Many thanks for your continued support throughout the year!

The first official full year of the Sabrina Park Campus has come to an end. It has been a growing, successful year for all of us. The growth in each individual child was amazing!  Your children have made connections for life. They have deepened connections with other children, adults, nature, community, and truly experienced a “love of learning” in all areas of the classroom.

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.” – Maria Montessori .

The Casa class spent the last day preparing food for our end-of-year picnic. Thank you to the Upper Elementary children from the main campus of the Muskoka Montessori School for organizing various picnic games. The “Chicken Dance” and the “Egg and Spoon Race”, were some of the favourite games. It was a beautiful afternoon, and an opportunity to say good-bye until September, 2013.






Dear Families,

The children have been busy in the garden this week! The children will continue to be involved in the entire process. What a wonderful way to connect to nature and incorporate hands-on learning!

The goals of the garden include:

  • outdoor, hands-on, concrete learning
  • cycles of plants through the seasons
  • preparing the soil, garden tools
  • seeds and planting, and plant varieties
  • learning about weeds
  • garden rules and garden safety
  • eco-friendly gardening and looking after the environment
  • introduction to wholesome food



Watering the chives.




Filling the watering can with rain water.

As we complete the month of May, the children have been learning about life cycles (frogs, butterflies, plants). You may hear some new words at home such as metamorphosis, chrysalis or proboscis.

Over the final few weeks of school, we will explore Europe using the puzzle map, object box, animals of Europe, flags of Europe, art and stories. The children enjoy using the hands-on puzzle pieces from the map of Europe, and it provides a concrete way of learning the various countries. The most popular country seems to be Russia. It is the largest piece on the Montessori puzzle map of Europe.

Happy Weekend!