Dear Parents,

This week the children all enjoyed new lessons with the Montessori materials. It has been fascinating to watch them grow in concentration, independence and confidence. The new art tray in the Practical Life area is always very popular. However, the standard Montessori materials such as the pink tower, broad stairs, and knobless cylinders are also explored by the children, with more in-depth interactions each time (this comes with repetition).  It is in the repetition of the activity that the child will gain mastery and learn the concept.

The children were very excited to meet Mr. Mike at the Huntsville Fire Department! Thanks for the amazing tour of the firehall, trucks, and equipment. There were many highlights, but the children were most excited to spray the fire hose.

photo (1)

A big thank you to Martina Schroer for donating pansies to the children. They were so proud of the Children’s Flower Garden at the front of Sabrina Park. It was an exciting way to learn about weeding, gardening, flowers, and invertebrates (we found a few bugs and worms in the soil).

photo (2)

Happy Mother’s Day,



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