Dear Families,

Thanks for a wonderful week! Where do spring rolls, paper lanterns, and panda bears come from? They are all from Asia. The children welcomed Conie from Indonesia into our classroom this week. She introduced us to spring rolls, and showed us how to make sushi and paper lanterns. It was an exciting afternoon, full of food and art!


Enjoy making a paper lantern at home with your child:                     http://www.families.com/blog/craft-paper-lantern

We continued with new lessons using the Montessori materials. As well, the chidlren are working with the materials of choice, during the three-hour uninterrupted work period. This work period takes place in the morning. In a Montessori prepared environment, children are able to work for long periods of time in unbroken time. The children are getting the full benefit of one of the cornerstones of an authentic Montessori experience; the three-hour work cycle. Thank you to parents for arriving on time, and allowing your child to settle in, adjust and transition into the environment.




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