Dear Families,

We continued our study of Africa this week. Thanks to Kim Haxton for coming to talk to the children about Africa. Kim is off to work in Africa in the next few weeks.

The children enjoyed learning more about Amphibians with the Parts of the Frog work and the the Lifecycle of the Frog.

The Casa class visited Amber at the Huntsville Public Library on Wednesday afternoon. The children spent time listening to stories, and worked on library rules. And even though playing in the library is fun, safety issues are a concern for both library staff and visitors. In order to insure that everyone visiting the library enjoys their time here safely, the following are rules for library behaviour: 1.- Please walk in the library.
2.- Respect books and use carefully.
3.- Respect the bookshelves, please do not climb.
4.- Please do not bring food into the library.
5.- Use your inside voice at all times.

We are finally seeing some signs of Spring! I’m sure you have noticed your children with wet and muddy clothing. Thanks to the parents for supporting us during this Spring weather.


Happy Spring!



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