Dear Families,

The class was busy with lessons, stories, songs and art this week. All children continued with lessons from the five areas of the classroom.

Of course, Practical Life is always a popular area because the activities provide real life experiences for the children. For example, many of the children enjoy opening and closing of the locks and keys.

In the Sensorial Area children learn about shapes from the Geometry Cabinet. Maria Montessori believed the hand was the direct link to the mind. The child uses his fingers to trace the edge of each shape, and thus, is able to truly understand what it is. Later, the child will match the shapes to cards and learn the names of the shapes. You may hear your child saying “octagon”, which is a polygon with eight sides. Take a look at a STOP sign next time you are out for a walk with your child, and count the eight sides.

The class worked with eggs this week as Easter approached. The children counted coloured and experimented with eggs. We experimented with eggs and observed eggs floating in saltwater and eggshells soften in vinegar water.

We are on the look out for signs of Spring! Let’s hope April brings us some warmer weather.





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