Dear Families,

We’ve had an unusual few weeks with snow days. Thank you for being understanding about cancellations and we look forward to continuing with a regular schedule.

The children have been excited to learn about Australia! We will be exploring Australian animals, food, songs, geography and art over the next few weeks.

Thanks to Judith for baking Anzac biscuits with the children. They were a tasty treat for snack.

didgeridoo is a long wooden trumpet-like instrument used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.  The children enjoyed playing an authentic didgeridoo from Australia.

We would like to encourage parents to observe in the Casa room. This is a good opportunity to see your child working within the classroom. It works best to observe routines, choice of materials, independence, and social interactions by not interacting with your child. We understand this can be hard to do! Let your child know ahead of time that you are coming to watch him/her work, and will be sitting and watching. Please observe from your seat, rather than standing or walking around the class. It is important to be unobtrusive as possible in order to allow the class to continue a regular work period. Observation is an excellent tool for parents and teachers!

Reminders: Please send warm outside clothing during the colder temperatures, March Break dates are March 4-March 15

Enjoy the Family Day weekend!



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