Dear Families,

We’ve had an unusual last few weeks with stormy weather causing snow days. Thank you for your patience and understanding. It was so nice to get back to routine and better weather!

We have rescheduled the library trip to Monday, February 11th.

The children enjoyed singing goodbye to January and hello to February. Each child was excited to find his/her birthday on our calendar. We have one birthday in February! The children have been really interested in clock and calendar work over the past few weeks.

The children continued working with the materials from the five areas of our classroom. It is so exciting to observe each child and follow his/her lead. In this way, we get to know each child as an individual and to tailor the teaching to his/her interests, strengths and weaknesses. This conscious attention to each child allows the teacher to guide by respect and nurture.

We have been singing many of the classic children’s songs over the past month. You may hear your child singing at home. These are some of the songs – Wheels on the Bus, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Old MacDonald, This Old Man, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Hokey Pokey, Five Little Ducks, Row Row  Row Your Boat, and Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.

You can find the lyrics to these songs online @ http://bussongs.com/


Enjoy your weekend,





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