Dear Families,

Thanks for another exciting week of learning! We had a “snow day” on Monday due to freezing rain. Please listen to Moose FM 105. 5 for bus cancellations and school closures or check online at www.fm1055muskoka.com. We will be closed when the Trillium Lakelands District School Board cancels the buses. Many thanks for your support with these unexpected snow days.

It is so exciting to observe the children and follow their interests. During a walk on Tuesday, one child found a snow formation on the pavement and exclaimed, “Look, I see Africa!” 


The children use concrete, hands-on materials to learn about the continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica and Europe). We start with the Sandpaper Globe and Coloured Continent Globe. The children are attracted to the beauty of each globe. Later, the children are introduced to the Montessori Puzzle Map of the World. For the children, this is a puzzle and they enjoy taking out each piece and building the puzzle. The names of the continents are reinforced through song. The children enjoy learning about which animals live in each continent. We use Animals of the Seven Continents and place each plastic animal on the continent it lives on.  Some children are enjoying tracing the continent puzzle pieces onto a large piece of paper and making their own world map.

We welcomed an Upper Elementary student from the main campus of the Muskoka Montessori School into our class this week. The student was involved in our art activities, baking and as a reading-buddy. This was an opportunity to foster a natural mentoring and nurturing from the older to the younger children. We hope to have some more mentors from the main campus in the future.

We have four days left of school next week. The class will continue our three-hour uninterrupted work period each day. We will include some holiday activities in the afternoons.




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