Dear Families,

Winter weather set in this week and the children were very excited to spend time outside! We spent additional time outside in the afternoons and used the change in the outside environment to play games in the snow, physical education and nature walks. The children enjoyed playing hide and seek amongst the evergreen trees, becoming various animals from Africa and Australia, and “What Time is it Mr.Wolf?”  They also found icicles and we decided to bring a few inside and observe a solid change into a liquid.

We started to explore various types of lines (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) in art. The children worked with scissors to cut lines and glued them on paper. This art activity helps to reinforce the Paper Cutting work. We always have paper cutting available to the children. As well, they are given a lesson in how to hold, pass and walk with scissors.

The Paper Cutting work comes from http://teachingfromatacklebox.blogspot.ca/2012/03/paper-cutting.html .  Take a look at the “extensions” and they will give you information and ideas for cutting at home. I like the youtube video, “Teach a Child How to Use Scissors.” Being able to use scissors is a good benchmark for measuring fine motor skill development in your child. Also, the video will help you teach your child how to safely use scissors.

Thanks for your continuing support of our Casa Montessori Program at Sabrina Park! It was wonderful to meet with all of the families on Wednesday  for the Parent-Teacher Conferences. The class is open for observations during our three-hour work period each morning. Please come and observe your child and our class in action. I would be happy to book you in at anytime.

Happy weekend,



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