Dear Families,

Welcome back after our week away! The children were excited to return and enjoyed sharing Halloween stories.

We had a special visitor this week, Andrea Smith, come and introduce our class to  migratory birds versus resident birds. The children also decorated two small bird houses for the resident birds to enjoy over the upcoming winter. They’ve already identified three bird species at the feeders! We are very fortunate having the low windows in our classroom for the children to use as they observe nature outside. They are now reminding each other to use the Silence Game so the birds do not fly away.

The children continued working with the materials from all five areas of the classroom. It is so exciting to observe the children as they enter various “Sensitive Periods”. Dr. Montessori referred to the Sensitive Period as a time when the child is more open, interested and motivated to learn certain information.  During these Sensitive Periods the child can learn rapidly if the opportunity is provided.  Sensitive Periods from birth to six years include: order, movement, language, counting and number sense, grace and manners, spatial order, music, exploration and refinement of senses.

The Year Two children will be visiting the Huntsville Public Library every three weeks for the remainder of the year. The children’s librarian has volunteered to present a lesson during each visit, and then we will select books for the classroom. During the first visit the children decided to sign out Eric Carle books. We located every Eric Carle book in the library and have enjoyed reading them in our classroom. As well, the class has worked on making Eric Carle collage paper using paints and various objects to create texture (comb, coin, pasta, etc.)

Some of the children were asking about baking. They really do enjoy the hands-on sensorial experience of working with food (smell, touch, sight, taste). Thus, on Friday each child created his/her own small pizza with dough and assorted toppings.

Happy Weekend,



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