Dear Families,

This week was filled with many exciting learning opportunities for the children. The children continued working with the Montessori materials each morning during the three-hour work period. As well, we enjoyed various Halloween activities such as: painting pumpkins with blackboard paint (children took home pumpkin and chalk), gluing glitter on small pumpkins, reciting and decorating Five Little Pumpkin booklets, and cutting circles to create five pumpkins for the booklets.

The Montessori classroom is highly structured. Children are treated with utmost respect while the choices children are expected to make are very clear. The teachers explain expectations for behaviour and actively model and role-play acceptable behaviours. We provide opportunities for children to practice the basic rules:

*Walk in the classroom.

*Never hit.

*Use inside voices.

*Do not interrupt teachers or classmates if they are speaking.

*Clean up their own work and return it to the shelf.

*Wait until other children have returned an activity to its place before they can use it themselves.

*Show respect to everything and everyone in the classroom.

The teachers observe the children constantly and guide each child. The aim is to help each child to develop self-control and begin to understand socially responsible behaviour. When the child is allowed to make the choice rather than someone else telling them what to do, then he/she can practice making “good choices”.

Discipline is primarily a learning experience rather than a punitive experience. When students break the rules, they will be given guidance through positive verbal reminders as necessary to encourage proper conduct (children need to understand why the behaviour is inappropriate).

Have a great holiday,


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