Dear Families,

What an exciting week for the children!  The Montessori classroom allows the child to learn about and to study and interact with the real world in all its glory.  The children learn academics through practical life experiences.  We had many opportunities this week to learn through real life experiences.

On Monday, we watched some deer foraging on trees outside of our classroom as we were eating lunch. The children were very proud to explain that deer are warm-blooded mammals. We also used the Silence Game in order to practice being quiet so as not to scare away wildlife.

Thank you to Poppa Jim for bringing bees into our classroom on Wednesday. It was a concrete experience for the children to learn about bees and the Lifecycle of a Bee. The children spent quite a bit of time looking for the queen bee amongst the honey bee colony. We all enjoyed tasting honey from a real honeycomb!

On Thursday, we were quite surprised to find a live toad in the laundry room, and “followed the children” as we brought out our Parts of the Amphibian work.  We also talked about the characteristics of Amphibians. After examining the toad, we released him/her into the backyard of Sabrina Park.

We are very excited to introduce Judith Blanchette into our classroom! Judith is completing her ECE, and is volunteering with us until December. She is very excited to work with your child and within a Montessori environment.

Happy Thanksgiving,



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