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Dear Families,

This week was filled with many exciting learning opportunities for the children. The children continued working with the Montessori materials each morning during the three-hour work period. As well, we enjoyed various Halloween activities such as: painting pumpkins with blackboard paint (children took home pumpkin and chalk), gluing glitter on small pumpkins, reciting and decorating Five Little Pumpkin booklets, and cutting circles to create five pumpkins for the booklets.

The Montessori classroom is highly structured. Children are treated with utmost respect while the choices children are expected to make are very clear. The teachers explain expectations for behaviour and actively model and role-play acceptable behaviours. We provide opportunities for children to practice the basic rules:

*Walk in the classroom.

*Never hit.

*Use inside voices.

*Do not interrupt teachers or classmates if they are speaking.

*Clean up their own work and return it to the shelf.

*Wait until other children have returned an activity to its place before they can use it themselves.

*Show respect to everything and everyone in the classroom.

The teachers observe the children constantly and guide each child. The aim is to help each child to develop self-control and begin to understand socially responsible behaviour. When the child is allowed to make the choice rather than someone else telling them what to do, then he/she can practice making “good choices”.

Discipline is primarily a learning experience rather than a punitive experience. When students break the rules, they will be given guidance through positive verbal reminders as necessary to encourage proper conduct (children need to understand why the behaviour is inappropriate).

Have a great holiday,



Dear Families,

October is flying by as the children have been busy with work. The benefits of the commitment you’ve made to this program are really starting to show in your child’s mastery of the materials. Thanks for the ongoing support!

It is the repetition of the activity that the child will gain mastery. Humans learn best through repetition. For example, children need to repeat the Number Rods many times before they are able to place the red and blue rods in the correct order from one to ten. This repetitive work allows for the development of concentration and increases independence.

We had an exciting Tuesday afternoon when Miss Lynne from the Muskoka Dance Academy volunteered her time to teach the children some dance. They had a lot of fun practicing log rolls, crab walks, and other gross motor activities.

Reminder: We have one week remaining before our break (October 29 – November 2).



Dear Families,

It was a short week, but the children filled the four days with many activities. We are learning with new lessons each day.

The Year Two children made apple crisp for the Toddler and Casa classes. They were very proud of all of the hard work! We enjoyed eating the apple crisp for snack on Thursday.

The children have been so excited about Fall and pumpkins, thus we decided to carve pumpkins and roast the seeds. We used cinnamon to spice one batch of seeds and salt for the other. In the end, the cinnamon pumpkin seeds were the favourite ones.

The Year Two children had an opportunity to watch Mike from the District of Muskoka pump water out of the Sabrina Park fire hydrant. We learned that the Town of Huntsville has over 600 fire hydrants!

Each child will invite his/her family into our class to watch a few pieces of work. A note will come home from your child over the next few weeks.

Enjoy your weekend,

September Toddler Newsletter

Hello Toddler Families!

We are well into our second month of the program and the children are doing very well!  They are settling into the daily routine and they make me smile every day.  They are very busy choosing work from the shelves, setting their place for snack and singing songs.  I would be happy to hear any feedback from you about changes that you are seeing in your child at home.

As we try and sort out the situation with the set up and take down of the classroom everyday, we appreciate your patience and support in the morning if we are running a  little behind schedule.  It is our hope that we will be able to leave the room set up every day at some point.  We will continue to work with the District on this issue.


The toddler program provides your child with an environment that promotes independence.  Your child wants to be independent and do things for themselves.  You may hear your child say: “I want to do it” or “Me do it!”.  At home, you can help them to be independent by allowing them to try and dress themselves or have dishes within their reach so they can set their own place at meal time.


Language is also very important for your toddler.  Reading books to your child is a great thing to do, as well as naming the objects around you, at home and outdoors.  Remember when you are doing this, to just say the name of the object.  For example, if you are outside and you see a dog.  Only say ‘dog’ and always use the real name of the object (not ‘doggie’).

Here is a list of some songs we sing at school:

Head and Shoulders

Twinlke, Twinkle

Good Morning Train

Tell me what you are wearing today (a cute little song that helps the children learn names of clothing – pants, shirt, sweater, etc..)


Friday, October 26, 2012 – Last day of school before Fall break

Monday, November 5, 2012 – Back to school

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I am always available by e-mail (


Dear Families,

What an exciting week for the children!  The Montessori classroom allows the child to learn about and to study and interact with the real world in all its glory.  The children learn academics through practical life experiences.  We had many opportunities this week to learn through real life experiences.

On Monday, we watched some deer foraging on trees outside of our classroom as we were eating lunch. The children were very proud to explain that deer are warm-blooded mammals. We also used the Silence Game in order to practice being quiet so as not to scare away wildlife.

Thank you to Poppa Jim for bringing bees into our classroom on Wednesday. It was a concrete experience for the children to learn about bees and the Lifecycle of a Bee. The children spent quite a bit of time looking for the queen bee amongst the honey bee colony. We all enjoyed tasting honey from a real honeycomb!

On Thursday, we were quite surprised to find a live toad in the laundry room, and “followed the children” as we brought out our Parts of the Amphibian work.  We also talked about the characteristics of Amphibians. After examining the toad, we released him/her into the backyard of Sabrina Park.

We are very excited to introduce Judith Blanchette into our classroom! Judith is completing her ECE, and is volunteering with us until December. She is very excited to work with your child and within a Montessori environment.

Happy Thanksgiving,