Dear Families,

The children have been busy working with individual and group lessons. The Practical Life area is always very popular in our classroom! Many children have been practising the dressing frames. They are enjoying snapping, buttoning, and zipping. The direct aim in using the Montessori dressing frames is to help and encourage a child to dress independently.

The child can only develop by means of experience in his environment.  We call such experience work. —Maria Montessori

We had great fun learning about nature in our own backyard!  The children were able to locate the trunk, branches, roots and leaves of a tree.  We continued exploring the trees in the backyard with bark rubbing using crayons. The children discovered the many colours in the bark.

Poetry, rhymes and songs are a part of our daily work. We will hand out some of the favourite ones at the end of each month. “O Canada,” has been very popular with all of the children.

The children are able to converse and practice manners with their friends at lunchtime. We have been learning table manners such as sitting on a chair; no talking while chewing food; eating desert last; and clean up after lunch.

Enjoy your weekend,



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