Dear Families,

Welcome back to school!

We enjoyed a great first week back at school. Everyone is happy to be here, and the children fell right back into routine.

The lunch routine is a new addition to our day! It was definitely the most popular part of our day for all. The children are working at becoming independent at lunchtime. Our lunch work includes: opening and closing a lunchbox/bag, opening and closing containers, taking food out and placing onto a placemat, eating with manners, taking turns talking, and cleaning up. We will ask your child to place his/her lunch in the Community Room refrigerator. If you send a thermos with hot food, please let us know or remind your child to put it on the counter to keep warm.

The Year Two students have enjoyed helping and encouraging each other and modelling responsible behaviour in our classroom. They will have many opportunities this year to be the leaders of the classroom community.

The children are working in the five areas of the classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture. We will also learn outside of the classroom this year. Going outside provides the children with many hands-on possibilities for learning. For example, the children will be studying parts of the tree outside and then have lessons on the parts of the tree puzzle and other work inside the classroom.  The Year Two children enjoyed a walk around their neighbourhood to look for flags. They found the flag of Ontario, as well as the Canadian flag.

I would like to say a big “welcome” to Christina Clayton. Christina has trained for the Toddler Program at Montessori Teachers College.  We are so excited to have her teaching our Toddler Program this year!

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed” – Maria Montessori

All the best,




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