Monthly Archives: June 2012


Dear Families,

We had a very busy final two weeks in the class!

Thank you to Andrea Johnston for introducing yoga to the children. We will introduce yoga cards as a material into our classroom.

The children helped to prepare the class for an “Open House”. They practiced using their favourite materials. Thanks to the families for attending our “Open House” and observing the children giving lessons.



Dear Families,

The children sang “goodbye” to May, and “hello” to June. June will be a short month because our last day of school is Friday, June 15th.

The children will continue working with the Montessori materials for the next two weeks.  They are free to repeat activities as many times as they would like. Learning is reinforced internally through the child’s own repetition of an activity and internal feelings of success.

The children have been very interested in finding the sounds in the name cards. Every morning, the child finds his/her name card and places it in a basket. Montessori created sandpaper letters for writing and hearing the sound. The children are learning the phonetic sounds of the letters. For example, instead of teaching your child the name of the letter b, he/she is learning the “b” sound. The child traces the letter in the direction in which it is written (sensorial learning and muscular memory) and says the sound.

The children enjoy “line time” after our work period. We continued to play the Silence Game. The Farmer in the Dell was another game of interest. The children also will bring me books to read. We read books about: Reptiles, Butterflies, Saying Please, and Seeds to Plants.