05/25/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

We had a wonderful week! After a visit from a few reptiles (bearded dragon, leopard lizard and a corn snake), the children were quite interested in learning more about the animals. We learned that reptiles are vertebrates, cold blooded, dry-skinned, scaly and most lay eggs. Do you know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Tortoises don’t generally live in the water. They typically wade into water only to clean themselves or to drink. Most turtles love the water. Some turtles spend their entire lives in the water and only venture onto land to lay their eggs.

Children have an inner need to “Help me do it for myself.” (Montessori)

Thus, the children continue to have lessons with the Montessori materials. These presentations enable children to investigate and work independently.  It is such a pleasure to watch pure joy emerge from the children who work with the Montessori materials.  I watched one child happily cry out, “I did it!” after she opened a lock using a key. This expresses the young child’s inner drive to be independent and create a functional person.

Friday was an exciting day as the children arrived wearing pajamas and carrying pillows. We celebrated DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Day! Many thanks to all of the families for volunteering your time and reading to the children. It was wonderful to listen to the many voices and hear so many stories. Also, thanks to Shelley and Kathy for joining us on DEAR day.

Happy weekend,



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