05/18/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

The class continued working with the Montessori materials and all children were presented with new lessons.

The children showed a continued interest in colour this week. We used colours from our Montessori Color Box 2 containing 22 tablets, of which there are two of the following: blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, grey, brown, white and black.  I placed an art tray on the shelf with a different colour each day.  The children are starting to take an interest in the colours of clothing and finding colours in our classroom. Of course, the day Rose wore all green, we had to put out a green tray!

We continue to see signs of Spring outside. The children have been so interested in Amphibians, so thank you to the parents for finding tadpoles a few minutes away from Sabrina Park. We decided to take a Nature Walk on Friday, and observed the hundreds of newly hatched tadpoles in the ditch.

We welcomed a new child into the class this week. I observed the other children using grace and manners as they helped the child with our routines.

The class will celebrate DEAR (drop everything and read) Day on Friday, May 25th. Your child is invited to come to school in pyjamas and may like to bring a favourite teddy, pillow and small blanket. I will be signing parents up for a time slot to read in our class. Please bring a favourite book from home, or you are welcome to read from a book in our class.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend,





One response to “05/18/2012 Newsletter

  1. Jo-Anne Sexton

    Dear Tina and children

    I enjoy reading about your Montessori environment and how each of you explores the work. Wishing you all many more days of fun in your classroom.

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