05/11/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

We continued with work in the Sensorial area of our classroom. The children were drawn to the colour boxes this week. The Montessori colour tablets help develop visual discrimination of colour.  The colour tablets also provide the language needed to communicate about the colours in the child’s environment. We looked for colours in our classroom and worked with a new colour in an art activity each day.

The children had an exciting outdoor visitor this week! They had great fun watching a woodpecker in the new grassy area, outside our window. The woodpecker appeared almost everyday. This was a wonderful (unplanned) activity to help instill a sense of wonder about about our natural surroundings at Sabrina Park, and how exciting it is to observe nature first-hand. This experience also helped the children to practice being patient, still and quiet so they didn’t scare the woodpecker away.

Many of the children enjoyed “walking on the line” this week. Walking on a taped line improves concentration, balance and body awareness as the child needs to focus and walk on the line without stepping aside.  Some of the variations of this exercise include carrying a full glass of water, carrying a tray with an object on it, or balancing an object on the child’s head.

The children are becoming so responsible in our classroom! They are now reminding each other to clean up spills, or put work away. As well, I have observed children helping each other to clean up. One child spilled some buttons, and two children rushed over to help and pick up the buttons. The picture below shows a child cleaning a crayon mark from the table.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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