05/04/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

We welcomed parents into our classroom this week for observations. It is truly and eye-opening experience to observe your child at work in a Montessori classroom. I still remember the first time I watched my daughter at work in her Casa class. It was then I realized that these little people need to be provided an environment of pursuing their fullest potential! The Montessori classroom nurtures each child’s potential that they hold within themselves.  Observation is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of the Montessori Method and all parents encouraged to observe periodically.

The children have been interested in learning about Amphibians. Thus, we have enjoyed many frog stories this week! The children enjoyed singing, “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” and acting out the frog lifecycle (eggs, tadpole, froglet and frog). We will continue more work with Amphibian characteristics and Parts of the Amphibian next week.

We have had more interest in the Sensorial area of our classroom. Some of the children are particularly interested in the Broad Stair work. You can see the Broad Stair set up on the first shelf in our classroom (also called the Brown Stair). The Broad Stair consists of a series of 10 wooden rectangles or prisms that are all the same length but of progressively larger heights and widths.  It enhance a child’s coordination, fine motor skills, early math skills and sense of dimension.

Enjoy your weekend,



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