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05/25/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

We had a wonderful week! After a visit from a few reptiles (bearded dragon, leopard lizard and a corn snake), the children were quite interested in learning more about the animals. We learned that reptiles are vertebrates, cold blooded, dry-skinned, scaly and most lay eggs. Do you know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Tortoises don’t generally live in the water. They typically wade into water only to clean themselves or to drink. Most turtles love the water. Some turtles spend their entire lives in the water and only venture onto land to lay their eggs.

Children have an inner need to “Help me do it for myself.” (Montessori)

Thus, the children continue to have lessons with the Montessori materials. These presentations enable children to investigate and work independently.  It is such a pleasure to watch pure joy emerge from the children who work with the Montessori materials.  I watched one child happily cry out, “I did it!” after she opened a lock using a key. This expresses the young child’s inner drive to be independent and create a functional person.

Friday was an exciting day as the children arrived wearing pajamas and carrying pillows. We celebrated DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Day! Many thanks to all of the families for volunteering your time and reading to the children. It was wonderful to listen to the many voices and hear so many stories. Also, thanks to Shelley and Kathy for joining us on DEAR day.

Happy weekend,



05/18/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

The class continued working with the Montessori materials and all children were presented with new lessons.

The children showed a continued interest in colour this week. We used colours from our Montessori Color Box 2 containing 22 tablets, of which there are two of the following: blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, grey, brown, white and black.  I placed an art tray on the shelf with a different colour each day.  The children are starting to take an interest in the colours of clothing and finding colours in our classroom. Of course, the day Rose wore all green, we had to put out a green tray!

We continue to see signs of Spring outside. The children have been so interested in Amphibians, so thank you to the parents for finding tadpoles a few minutes away from Sabrina Park. We decided to take a Nature Walk on Friday, and observed the hundreds of newly hatched tadpoles in the ditch.

We welcomed a new child into the class this week. I observed the other children using grace and manners as they helped the child with our routines.

The class will celebrate DEAR (drop everything and read) Day on Friday, May 25th. Your child is invited to come to school in pyjamas and may like to bring a favourite teddy, pillow and small blanket. I will be signing parents up for a time slot to read in our class. Please bring a favourite book from home, or you are welcome to read from a book in our class.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend,




05/11/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

We continued with work in the Sensorial area of our classroom. The children were drawn to the colour boxes this week. The Montessori colour tablets help develop visual discrimination of colour.  The colour tablets also provide the language needed to communicate about the colours in the child’s environment. We looked for colours in our classroom and worked with a new colour in an art activity each day.

The children had an exciting outdoor visitor this week! They had great fun watching a woodpecker in the new grassy area, outside our window. The woodpecker appeared almost everyday. This was a wonderful (unplanned) activity to help instill a sense of wonder about about our natural surroundings at Sabrina Park, and how exciting it is to observe nature first-hand. This experience also helped the children to practice being patient, still and quiet so they didn’t scare the woodpecker away.

Many of the children enjoyed “walking on the line” this week. Walking on a taped line improves concentration, balance and body awareness as the child needs to focus and walk on the line without stepping aside.  Some of the variations of this exercise include carrying a full glass of water, carrying a tray with an object on it, or balancing an object on the child’s head.

The children are becoming so responsible in our classroom! They are now reminding each other to clean up spills, or put work away. As well, I have observed children helping each other to clean up. One child spilled some buttons, and two children rushed over to help and pick up the buttons. The picture below shows a child cleaning a crayon mark from the table.

Have a wonderful weekend,


05/04/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

We welcomed parents into our classroom this week for observations. It is truly and eye-opening experience to observe your child at work in a Montessori classroom. I still remember the first time I watched my daughter at work in her Casa class. It was then I realized that these little people need to be provided an environment of pursuing their fullest potential! The Montessori classroom nurtures each child’s potential that they hold within themselves.  Observation is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of the Montessori Method and all parents encouraged to observe periodically.

The children have been interested in learning about Amphibians. Thus, we have enjoyed many frog stories this week! The children enjoyed singing, “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” and acting out the frog lifecycle (eggs, tadpole, froglet and frog). We will continue more work with Amphibian characteristics and Parts of the Amphibian next week.

We have had more interest in the Sensorial area of our classroom. Some of the children are particularly interested in the Broad Stair work. You can see the Broad Stair set up on the first shelf in our classroom (also called the Brown Stair). The Broad Stair consists of a series of 10 wooden rectangles or prisms that are all the same length but of progressively larger heights and widths.  It enhance a child’s coordination, fine motor skills, early math skills and sense of dimension.

Enjoy your weekend,