04/27/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Water is used in a variety of ways in our class! I could tell the water work was very popular this week as we had to empty the large pail a few times each morning. Our water work activities include: squeezing a sponge, wringing a cloth, pouring jug to jug, pouring water into glasses, hand washing, table cleaning, chalk board washing, shell cleaning, transferring water with baster, glass polishing, arranging flowers and sponging a spill (this was practiced a few times). All of these activities include sequential steps, develop concentration and independence.

The children enjoyed learning to play the “Silence Game,” this week. We practiced sitting as quietly as possible and listened to the sounds in our room. One child heard “Hammy” chewing! This work of silence requires concentration, effort of the will, and self-control. The children sat on the blue line and waited attentively for me to silently whisper each name from the doorway. When the child heard his/her name, the child walked very quietly to me. They were so careful to walk without making a sound so that no one could hear them moving. The children loved the challenge of staying quiet!

I posted a photograph from last weeks play, “Seussical Junior,” and the children enjoyed pointing out the various characters. I heard lots of laughter as they talked about the play. We worked on thank-you cards for Huntsville Festival of the Arts. I will deliver these to Rob Saunders next week.


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