04/20/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Two weeks have flown by!

The children continued to work with the Montessori materials. You may hear the children singing, “Do You Know Your Continents?” The children are learning to find the continents on the painted continent globe.

The class is busy with Spring activities! Of course, the big hit has been feeding the worms. The children enjoy peeling eggs, and crushing the egg shells for the worm compost. We have also noticed birds outside in the yard. This prompted, “Parts of the Bird” work, characteristics, and numerous bird stories.  We can now compare three vertebrates – mammals, fish and worms.  We will continue working with Spring activities and looking outside for signs of Spring. The class always welcomes items for our nature table.

We welcomed Alfredo and Maria into our classroom as a part of the Community Connection work. They are responsible for custodial work in Sabrina Park. We often see Alfredo and Maria working at Sabrina Park so it was nice to finally meet them! The children watched them clean and then decided to demonstrate our classroom cleaning materials. As well, Alfredo gave the children a lesson with the mop and pail.

On Friday, the children and some parents enjoyed the play, “Seussical Junior” at the Algonquin Theatre. The families truly enjoyed the amazing performance. A wonderful cast made up of  45 talented area youths brought Seussical Jr. to life. Many thanks to Huntsville Festival of the Arts for donating 12 tickets.




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