04/06/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

The children enjoyed another week of working with the Montessori materials and choosing the work they were interested in. Along the way, I am always giving lessons in all areas of the classroom. Each child is able to follow his/her interests and develop independence in our classroom.

“Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.”

Thank you to Shelley this week for donating a worm composting bin. The children were fascinated with the little creatures and learned about vertebrates and invertebrates. We will use the worms to compost some of our fruit and vegetable waste. Also, the children enjoy crushing our left over egg shells and feeding to the worms. If you would like to learn more about “vermiculture”, take a look at http://dnr.wi.gov/org/caer/ce/eek/earth/recycle/compost2.htm

The children enjoyed colouring Easter eggs using food colouring. Thanks to Amelia, our grade 6 Muskoka Montessori School volunteer. The children wanted to know if Amelia was a child or an adult! She enjoyed the time spent with the children in our classroom.

Another “thank you” to Kathy for volunteering her time to teach French to the children each week. The children are in the developmental sensitive period for language, and it is very easy to learn another language. They are absorbing many new words each time Kathy visits our classroom.

Enjoy the Easter weekend,



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