03/30/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Welcome back after the two week March Break!  It was wonderful to work with the children again this week. They are definitely feeling comfortable with the class routines and selecting work. I enjoyed following each child and presenting many new lessons.

The children welcomed a hamster and fish into our classroom. Montessori teaches from concrete to abstract. Montessori classrooms have animals of difference species (mammal, fish, bird, etc.).  The children are learning to look after the new animals. As well, they have had lessons in the following: living/non-living, plant/animal, vertebrates/invertebrates, parts of the mammal and parts of the fish.

We celebrated April and Kallie’s birthdays this week. The birthday celebration gives a concrete way for the children to understand months of the year and the earths revolution around the sun each year. The months of the year are placed around a candle in the middle of the ellipse (the children call it line time). The child walks around the candle holding the globe, while the other children sing Happy Birthday. April and Kallie walked around four times because they both turned four years old.

The children enjoyed exploring colour with the colour tablets, pastels, and finger paint. We mixed the colours using the finger paints. This was a big hit!

Thanks to the District of Muskoka for the new door and windows. This renovation has provided a main entrance into our classroom.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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