02/17/2012 Newsletter

Dear Families,

Thanks for all of your support this week! My ankle is healing and I am feeling much better. It will be wonderful to start back with the children on Tuesday.

The children had a short week with the Family Day weekend. They were busy with work and some new lessons. As well, the children enjoyed decorating Valentine’s Day cards.

We had an unplanned community visitor, and the children learned a lot about construction and tools. Dan, the construction worker visited our class. He was working on some wires under the ceiling panels. We will consider Dan our first “Community Connection”. Each month we will invite a community worker to come into our class and introduce his/her job and their responsibilities.

The children are practicing social skills and acts of courtesy. This is called Grace and Courtesy, and each child works on developing social skills and good manners in a safe and happy environment. For example, learning to take turns comes very naturally in a Montessori class because there is only one of each material in the classroom. As well, the children have many opportunities to practice table manners at the snack table.

The children are really enjoying the many songs, stories and games. A popular game this week was “Red Light, Green Light”.

Many thanks to Shelley, Kathy and Penny for teaching this week. We are very fortunate to have so many caring teachers at the Muskoka Montessori Scool.

Enjoy Family Day weekend,



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